Uncle Bob Says : We will not dump on QA

2 min readMay 16, 2019

QA will Find Nothing, QA is not the group that find bugs. QA should find nothing. What would motivated a company to invest in a separate group who’s job it is to detect whether or not the developer has done their jobs. Apparently the developer has not done their jobs. Why would company create QA group, because they got burned so badly by not having one. Why did they burn badly? because the developers did’t do their jobs. It is developer’s job to make sure the system works. QA can serve useful function and that is fine, but the function they should serve is not at the back end of process waiting for load to be delivered. The function of QA is to specify how the system, what to behave.

QA does not belong the end of process, belongs at the beginning of process.

Developers guarantee the quality of code not QA. QA should find nothing.

The QA group has to decide which test to run to cover the changes so they look at the changes they made and make a guess about which test they ought to run that they don’t impact on ours and they discard rest of tests.

If you are managing a QA team, how do you know that they are doing a good job? what metric could you use? If QA finds a lot of defects then they must be doing a good job.